Licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, Queer femme, Jew of radical persuasions and second-generation Italian, Rebecca Francesca Cariati (she/her) was in her twenties when Chinese medicine found her. She built Spectrum Chinese Medicine to provide joyful, gender affirming care for LGBTQIA-2+ families and their kids at any age. She specializes in virtual care for fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, and pediatrics.

As a kid, Rebecca experienced multiple bouts of strep, low-level anxiety/depression, debilitating headaches, and an abiding fear of who she really was. Western medicine just wasn't cutting it.

Years later, a friend recommended an acupuncturist. She balked at the idea of needles, but driven by both unremitting pain and hope, Rebecca booked the appointment—it was life-changing. After eight years of “getting by”, she was now pain-free.  

Working within the social justice sphere, Rebecca witnessed so many colleagues and friends experience transphobia, ableism, misogyny, homophobia, and classism in the workplace. It was unbelievably disheartening. A personal encounter with such an experience was the last straw, leading her to pursue a more aligned path: the study and practice of Chinese Medicine. And she's never looked back.

Acupuncture and herbal medicine, when offered in a container that acknowledges the whole person and the concentric circles of both oppression and love we live within -- can facilitate the unraveling of harmful patterns and a path toward liberation for all. 

Rebecca has been immersed in acupuncture and herbal medicine for more than 5 years. In 2019, she completed a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (TCMP) degree, including 1000+ clinical hours in acupuncture and herbal medicine from Oshio College of Acupuncture and Herbology. She also studied western clinical herbalism at Wild Seed School of Herbal Studies’ Intermediate Program on Salt Spring Island, explored Pediatric Essentials at the Center for Acupuncture Pediatrics, and studied Birth Doula Training with DONA.

In 2019, Rebecca had a child with her spouse, Kelzi. The lack of inclusive postpartum and parenting resources was glaring. After a gazillion “Who’s the mother?”’s and wanting to see more resources for LGBTQIA-2+ parents, children and youth, her practice focus tightened, and her vision was born. Spectrum Chinese Medicine brings forward Chinese medicine and cutting-edge science in service to joyful and gender-affirming care for postpartum Queer families, their kids at any age, and LGBTQIA-2+ youth.