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Here, you don't need to explain yourself or your family. Here, you'll be seen in your wholeness and come away with a plan to see you through.

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Integrative Fertility & Conception

TTC (trying to conceive)? Unsure about how to prepare? When to start? Fertility and conception can be intense and confusing. Whether you're interested in gender-affirming guidance to track or regulate your cycle, what supplements to take, what food to eat, balancing your mood, or hormones, get the support you need. 

Most clients begin their fertility preparation 3-6 months before trying to conceive. For conception-specific support, schedule 3 weeks to 2 months before insemination. 

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Integrative Pregnancy & Postpartum

Whether you are dealing with the ups-and-downs of pregnancy, or are postpartum and facing low energy, birth site healing challenges, anxiety, depression, or headaches, get the support you need. 

Most clients need 4-6 weekly sessions to see significant shifts. 

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Herbal Medicine For Any Life Stage

Rigorous formulation using ethically wildcrafted or cultivated plants that honor the land and you, alike. 

Explore your relationship with plant medicine during whatever life stage you're in. 

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Integrative Pediatric

Understand what's happening at the root level and make a plan to see your child through.

Most clients need 4-6 weekly sessions to see significant shifts. 

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Postpartum Reset for All Bodies

Share a healing journey with other rad parents who will ask your pronouns, know that allyship is a practice not a title, and want their sparkle back too.

I'm Curious, Tell me More

Health for me used to mean a bandage here and there to keep me afloat. After receiving the kind, comprehensive, and competent care of Rebecca I began to witness a depth of healing and health I didn’t know possible. With Rebecca’s knowledgeable guidance, skillful practice, and gentle sessions I gained new understandings on how to access my own wellbeing in sustainable ways. With no exaggeration, I am in a completely new realm of health which has opened up my life for the living! 

- Kendra Hill