Herbs For Deep Healing

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Holistic Pediatrics

Find relief, health, and thriving for your child or teen with a holistic care plan designed just for them.

A holistic pediatrician and our approach. How do they differ?

Herbs for Fertility & Conception

LGBTQ+ fertility is such much to navigate on your own. Whether you're just beginning the process, need help with cycle tracking, or are working with known fertility challenges, welcome home.

Support your LGBTQ+ fertility journey

Holistic Pregnancy Care

You thought you'd arrived once you got that positive and that things were going to be much easier. But pregnancy is hard on on your mind and body and you need help from someone who gets you.

Explore LGBTQ+ Pregnancy Care

Holistic Postpartum Support

Queer, Trans, and Gender Non-Conforming parents deserve affirming care after baby comes. Inclusive of your mind, body, and spirit. Both gestational and non-gestational parents welcome. 

LGBTQ+ Postpartum Support

Herbal Medicine For Queers

Deepen in your relationship with herbs for anxiety, depression, trauma, chronic pain, PCOS, and other stubborn or undiagnosable conditions. For Queers in any stage of life.

Herbs for all life stages

Baby-bonding For Non-Gestational Parents

Bringing ease and confidence to your LGBTQ parenting journey. Online course.

Support your (future) bond

Postpartum Reset for All Bodies

Share a healing journey with other rad parents who will ask your pronouns, know that allyship is a practice not a title, and want their sparkle back too.

I'm Curious, Tell me More

Health for me used to mean a bandage here and there to keep me afloat. After receiving the kind, comprehensive, and competent care of Rebecca I began to witness a depth of healing and health I didn’t know possible. With Rebecca’s knowledgeable guidance, skillful practice, and gentle sessions I gained new understandings on how to access my own wellbeing in sustainable ways. With no exaggeration, I am in a completely new realm of health which has opened up my life for the living! 

- Kendra Hill

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