Pediatric Care

Your 90-minute comprehensive intake includes:

+ a customized care plan 
+ 8 phototherapy patches and a protocol
+ unlimited email support 
+ custom herbal formula (tea, tincture, or both)* herbs sold separately 

$228 for your comprehensive intake and care plan.

Then, we meet weekly to track your child's progress, get updated acu-phototherapy protocols, and a new herbal formula once a month (herbs sold separately). Most clients need 4-6 sessions to see significant shifts. 

Weekly follow-ups are $135. 

Inquire about cost-saving packages that fund a reparations rate for Black and/or Indigenous families.

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Today my 7 year old asked me, "Did you just put an acupuncture patch on me? Cause I feel so calm." Rebecca has introduced Chinese Medicine to my kiddo in such a gentle and supportive way. It has helped M in her work of connecting her emotions to her body sensations and naming the type of support she needs.