Integrative Fertility & Conception Consults

Care for all parents to-be.

Your 90-minute comprehensive intake includes:
+ counseling with concrete next steps on whatever part of the journey you're in
+ a customized acu-phototherapy protocol to support fertility or conception
+ 8 phototherapy patches
+ 1 month email support
+ 1 custom herbal formula recommendations (tea, tincture or both)* herbs sold separately 
+ “Nourishing with food” guidance
+ Supplement recommendations
+ 20% discount on the next run of the Postpartum Reset for All Bodies 

$228 for your comprehensive intake or $185 without custom formula.

Then, we meet weekly to track your progress, get updated acu-phototherapy protocols, and a new herbal formula once a month (herbs sold separately). Most fertility clients begin preparing 3-6 months before trying to conceive and conception clients begin 2 weeks to 2 months before trying to conceive.

$135 follow-up with patches only or $217 follow-up with patches and herbal formula recommendation.

Inquire about cost-saving packages that fund reparations rates for Black and/or Indigenous families. 

Rebecca deeply transformed my first prenatal, birth and postpartum experience through her expansive understanding and application of chinese medicine and intuitive sense of emotional care. I was two months pregnant when covid hit and frantically sought out virtual health support.  Our work with the acu-phototherapy patches and personalized herbal medicine smoothed out essentially every prenatal symptom I was dealing with. She taught my partner acupressure points which he used during labor which were game changing. And she has been a beacon of support and nourishment throughout my postpartum time and I feel amazing in my body and relationships with my new baby and family.  As a bonus, my severe chronic back pain disappeared after our first four sessions together, which is a miracle since I had spent 15 years and thousands of dollars to relieve this pain. I would recommend Rebecca to literally everyone. 
- Queer Mama, Philadelphia, PA