Baby-bonding for Non-Gestational Parents

build a strong connection. chestfeeding optional.

As a non-gestational parent, it's hard to find spaces just for you. 

With all the logistics, planning, and money it takes to get pregnant, it can feel impossible to find space for your experience and needs to be centered.

Being the non-gestational parent can make you feel like you have to carve-out your role from scratch. Am I a helper, an assistant, or a parent with a role of my own?

Building a strong bond with your little one is a great place to begin. 

But when does baby-bonding start? And what does it look like for me to become a parent?

As a Queer parent and a pediatric practitioner, I get it. 

My name is Rebecca (she/they) and I am a licensed acupuncturist in NY, PA, and VT and a Chinese Herbalist. I bring East Asian Medicine and evidence-based practices together to support non-gestational parents to feel ease and confidence in becoming a parent and bonding with your baby. 

Because we've only ever heard about the mind-altering love between a "mother" and child, when my partner and I were TTC (trying to conceive), they processed a lot of feelings around the baby "not feeling like mine" or "feeling disconnected" or being a "second class parent". This is the course we wish we had.

Dominant culture says you need to look like a femme, birth a child, and breastfeed to be a parent, and feel deeply connected to your baby.


This can leave a lot of non-gestational parents feeling lost. What kind of parent can I be?

Unfortunately, not being proactive can lead to more stress, conflict with your partner, and having trouble feeling excited about the family you're creating when what you could be doing is building a powerful foundation for love.


Who's this course


It’s for non-gestational parents
(and their partners/co-parents) who want to feel confident in their ability to build a strong bond with their baby and discover what being a parent means to them. All genders and family structures are welcome. 

It's for couples, co-parents, and families who want a Queer and Trans-affirming space to learn techniques and strategies for baby-bonding. It's for those of you know want to leave the anxiety behind and take a proactive approach to your budding relationship with your baby.

I'm ready

What you really want (and deserve) is to feel like the parent that you are. 


  • A space centering your experience and needs as a non-gestational parent
  • Learning baby-bonding strategies that don't involve your chest 
  • Connecting with your partner or co-parents through a course designed specifically for you, the non-gestational parent 
  • Accessing a gender-affirming space to learn about baby-bonding  
  • Having specific techniques at hand to increase oxytocin, decrease cortisol, and build a close connection with your little one

Non-gestational parents deserve space and support.  

You CAN be supported and witnessed in your role as a parent. You can do this while feeling embodied and whole, not compromising your gender identity in the process.

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Queer Mama, Philadelphia, PA

"Rebecca deeply transformed my postpartum experience through her expansive understanding and application of chinese medicine and intuitive sense of emotional care. She has been a beacon of support and nourishment throughout my postpartum time and I feel amazing in my body and relationships with my new baby and family."

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  • BONUS, 30 minute 1:1 session to receive individualized support
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  • gender-affirming space centered on you, non-gestational parents
  • build your confidence as a parent
  • learn evidence-based practices to build your bond from birth
  • practice touch-based techniques from East Asian Medicine to support your baby's development

  • self-paced, online course

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