What is Acu-phototherapy?

For a lot of people, the idea of having acupuncture needles inserted in their skin is intimidating or scary. Though acupuncture needles are nothing like the needles that you're used to (it's about 1/16 thinner and designed to go around blood vessels, as opposed to puncturing them), the very idea can pose a barrier between people curious to explore Chinese medicine and actually experiencing it for themselves. Acu-phototherapy is a painless, non-transdermal (meaning, no medication!), and accessible way to experience Chinese Medicine. Acu-phototherapy utilizes patches on your skin or clothing to balance the Qi in your meridians, just like an acupuncture needle does, except there are no-needles involved.  

How Does It Work?

For thousands of years, cultures the world over have used light to treat ailments as wide-ranging as mood disorders to skin conditions and beyond. Acu-phototherapy is a modern extension of light therapy that allows you to activate acupuncture points and the Qi that flows in your meridians.

When our bare skin is out in the sun, our body responds to the sunlight exposure, by making Vitamin D. Light therapy works on the same central tenant, except using the infrared light that our bodies emit naturally.

You may not know that human bodies emit infrared light. This isn't a woo-woo claim, it's a measurable phenomenon that NASA explains is part of the evolution of modern astronomy. Acu-phototherapy works by placing adhesive patches on acupuncture points. The patch then reflects infrared light back into the body to create specific biochemical changes.

For example, some patches are designed to stop the cortisol cascade (stress relief), some encourage tissue repair, some regulate endocrine function (hi, hormones!), others encourage restful sleep or regulate mood. There are those that support immune response by increasing glutathione levels and others that reduce pain sensation.

What Kinds of Things Can Acu-phototherapy Help With?

Anything that acupuncture can help with, acu-phototherapy can too. According to the CDC, that includes hundreds of common (and not so common) ailments. Chronic and acute, alike. Acu-phototherapy is a very useful tool as we continue to weather the changing tides of the pandemic, and not being able to access our pediatricians' offices when we're experiencing upper respiratory symptoms associated with both Covid and the common cold. Or when getting to the doctor while we're in pain or in recovery from birth, surgery, or having a flare of a chronic illness just isn't possible.

In the pediatric realm, there is a small but growing evidence base about the efficacy of acupuncture (and thousands of years of clinical experience from East Asian Medicine practitioners for its use as both preventive and acute medicine...). According to meta-analysis research, acupuncture has been found to be effective for children in the following areas: pain, colic, bedwetting, sleep, "quality of life", autistic spectrum disorder, asthma, neonatal withdrawal, and nausea and vomiting (and in particular in post-operative and chemo). You may read more, here

Is Acu-phototherapy Safe For My Child or For Pregnant/Bodyfeeding People?

As a non-transdermal, painless way to activate acupuncture points, acu-phototherapy can be ideal for babies and kids alike. As with acupuncture needles, acu-phototherapy patches are self-regulating. This means that there isn't an introduction of a foreign substance or drug that the pregnant/lactating person, newborn, infant, toddler, or older child's body is then tasked with processing. Rather, the patch reflects infrared light that the body emits naturally, right back into their body, eliminating any concern about proper dosage. The therapy works with the body's own processes, making it self-regulating.

For infants, toddlers, kids, or adults with sensitive skin, patch the clothing right above the acupuncture point. You may patch the inside or the outside the article of clothing because patches are double-sided and work either way.

How Do I Get The Patches?

Each 1:1 Holistic Pediatric intake or 1:1 Holistic Fertility, Pregnancy, or Postpartum Support Intake Session comes with 8 free patches. If you’d like to have them on-hand, visit this site to purchase your own.

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