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Want to bring all of yourself to the table while discovering what feeling well, feels like?

But being yourself isn't really an option in most medical settings.

Maybe you've heard "there’s nothing wrong” or "there's nothing else we can do." Maybe you or your kid have been mis-gendered one too many times. Or you've faced intrusive questions.

Or, maybe you just want safe alternatives from a practitioner who gets you.

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How  It Works

Share your concerns

In the Curiosity Call, you’ll share what you or your child is going through.
You’ll come away with a menu of options (1:1 sessions, a course, or a combination) that can work for your condition and your budget.

Create a plan to address the Root Cause(s)

A comprehensive intake process will kick-off a 2 week to 6 month plan to address the root cause(s) of what's going on.

Experience what
wellness is for you

We’re all different. Your “well” is what we’re working towards.

Monthly maintenance sessions help you to respond confidently to the ebbs and flows of life. Some call it "preventive care", we call it "relationship with your body".

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Today my 7 year old asked me, "Did you just put an acupuncture patch on me? Cause I feel so calm." Rebecca has introduced Chinese Medicine to my kiddo in such a gentle and supportive way. It has helped M in her work of connecting her emotions to her body sensations and naming the type of support she needs.

- C, Queer (adjacent) parent

Though I only worked with Rebecca for a short time--in treatment for myself and my young teenager--I can say with confidence that she brings great skill and compassion to her practice. My teenager is non-binary trans and felt very safe with Rebecca, as Rebecca is extremely adept with working with gender-diverse patients. Rebecca has tremendous respect for her patients and for the tools of her trade: herbs, etc., with which she creates a kind of team of allies, helping her patients on their path to greater health.

- Jenny Jaeckel, Victoria BC

I can’t begin to explain the relief I felt from the first time we met. Literally like a cold cloud had been lifted from my heart, and that warm energy was blanketing me instead. I would highly recommend working with Rebecca for anyone else struggling with mental illness. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me Rebecca, your positive impact on me is immeasurable.

- Rachel

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